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Slugs and Slug Control Methods: Fact or Fiction?

The caffeine in old coffee grounds can kill slugs?

Fiction! The level of caffeine in used coffee grounds isn’t nearly high enough to be fatal to slugs and snails. The same would also apply to fresh grounds. Used too much and it could adversely affect soil pH.

Slugs love beer?

Fact! Slugs and snails are attracted to the yeast and other cereal ingredients in beer which is why slug traps using beer are commonly referred to as ‘slug pubs’. Find out more about my favourite slug trap the Slug X.

Washing your hands with soap will remove slug slime?

Fiction! Soap and water are useless against slug slime due to its hygroscopic (water molecule attracting) nature. Far more effective is to rub your hands together and remove with a dry cloth or paper towel then wash with soap and water.

Slugs dislike copper?

Fact! Crawling over copper gives the slug an unpleasant sensation, some call it a small electric shock. Copper rings or copper tape can be successfully used as slug and snail barriers for plants and pots.

Slugs are attracted to dry cat and dog food?

Fact! The cereal base in dry cat and dog food attracts slugs and snails in much the same way as the yeast and barley attracts them to beer. It can be used in slug traps and to lure them away from vulnerable plants.

Non chemical organic slug pellets are available?

Fact! Pellets using the organic compound iron phosphate are commercially available and if used as directed can be used around children, pets and garden wildlife. Most importantly they don’t contain the dangerous chemical ingredients metaldehyde or methiocarb as used in conventional slug pellets.

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