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Slugs in the House

Not satisfied with being a nuisance in the garden, slugs can also make the journey indoors and be a pest inside the house. There is something particularly disgusting when coming downstairs for a glass of water during the night only to step barefoot on a slug in the dark! Is there no escaping the slimy reach of the humble slug?

Where Do They Come From?

You may have noticed their silver slime trails over your floors, walls, carpets, rugs, shoes etc and asked yourself how are they getting in and why don’t I ever see them during the day? Well, as a relatively nocturnal species the slugs will typically only be active after you’ve turned the lights off and gone to bed. By the time morning comes they’re usually long gone, leaving you nothing more than their slime trail as a disgusting calling card.

A slug can enter the home through any number of access points, typically; gaps between windows, doors and external walls, through air bricks and up into the house between wooden floorboards. You’d be amazed at the surprisingly small gaps slugs can squeeze themselves through. Houses with airbricks below decking level, damp problems, and period properties with gappy wooden floors are likely to be more vulnerable to slug intrusion compared to more modern homes.

What Can I Do to Stop Them?

Follow the silver slime trail to identify entry and exit points and if possible use table salt as a barrier. As we all know, salt and slugs do not do well together! Salt can also be poured between the gaps in wooden floorboards if they appear to be an access point. Do bear in mind however that salt can be both abrasive and corrosive to metals, especially when damp. As an alternative, you may wish to try strategically placed copper tape or deploy a few flat bottomed, beer filled slug traps, useful as they are portable between rooms and can be put away during the day.

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